5 tips to reduce mold costs, do you know what?

The cost of the mold company is affected by many factors such as manpower, materials, mold design and manufacturing procedures, suppliers, etc. How to effectively reduce costs? Start from the following aspects!


1. Reasonable design of the mold


Many companies lack experienced mold designers or professional designers in different fields. The design is unreasonable. For the enterprise, it is a disaster and will directly increase the cost of the mold.


2. Factory selection


Without factory resources, it is difficult and time-consuming to find a factory. Whether or not a matching factory can be found directly affects the cost of the mold. Choosing a stable, reputable factory is essential.



3. Purchase of mold materials and accessories


  Among the mold costs, the material cost accounts for about 25% to 30% of the mold production cost, especially due to the difference in the material types of the mold work parts. Therefore, the mold materials and accessories should be selected correctly. It is a pity that if the map is cheap and sloppy, the mold is out of order or the service life is short.


4. Control of quality and delivery


  The control of mold cost is proportional to the quality and delivery time. If the quality of the mold is done at one time, there are few modifications, and the delivery time is shortened, so that the manufacturing cost is relatively reduced. However, this requires companies to send people to track control, which in turn increases labor costs.



5. Reduce capital disputes, after-sales problems


  If there are some bad behaviors and irregular operations during the processing of the mold, or because of technical and empirical reasons, the company will increase the increase of other expenses, such as: the occurrence of defective, defective, and waste products. Additional expenses for trial costs caused by rework, multiple tests, and after-sales service fees caused by bad products. And because there are no strict transaction rules and third-party fair and impartial rulings, financial disputes are prone to occur, and after-sales problems are endless, unsatisfactory, and costs are increasing.

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